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A section for everyone wanting to learn how to control their bike better including wheelies, stoppies, cornering etc. We have carefully selected these tips from YouTube to save you doing it. We will add to these streaming videos over time.
How to get your Knee Down! How to get your Knee Down!
If you've never done it but always wanted to then check this vid out. Most riders tend to lean enough so it's usually just the body position you need to work on. If you follow this ...
How to Wheelie! How to Wheelie!
This video has been specially selected as it best explains how to safely learn the art of the wheelie (although nothing is fool proof). It's all about throttle control and even if you've never done a ...
The boys at Fast Bikes The boys at Fast Bikes
These guys were the original bad boys on the roads of UK and Europe. The boys from Fastbikes magazine were pretty crazy guys and this is a compilation of some of their maddest stuff. Although not exactly ...