MotoGP style Reflective Rim Stripes

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MotoGP style Reflective Rim Stripes

MotoGP style Reflective Rim Stripes

MotoGP Style!

Reflective Wheel Rim Strip colours in Red Only!

Highest Quality reflective wheel rim stripes.

Easy to stick on in 3 sections!

Only 3 sections each side of the wheel (there is a clear applicator film over the staggered stripe to hold it together during application).

These Wheel Stripes will fit the following sizes (One size fits from 16 inches to 18 inches) Most bikes over 125cc have 17 inch wheels.

16 inch

17 inch

18 inch

These computer precision cut pre-curved decal sticker strips are the perfect fit for your rims.

Each set is cut from the highest quality 8 year engineering grade vinyl. This means that your stripes won't fade, rip, crack, or peel due to any of the elements including sun, wind, water, snow (if you dare ride in the snow that is), dryness, or humidity!

Not just curved, but specifically cut for your bike!

Full set for your motorcycle, these are separated in pieces for each side of the rim, enough for both wheels, both sides.

Race tested and manufacturer approved quality