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Tyre Warmers

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Tyre Warmers Tyre Warmers Tyre Warmers Tyre Warmers

Tyre Warmers

BikeStore tyre warmers are made in England. They provide a quick, safe and reliable method of getting tyres up to race temperature.

Pre-formed to the shape of your tyres and fitted with draw cords for a snug fit.

BikeStore tyre warmers work fast to achieve a saturated temperature setting of 85C which is thermostatically controlled. They are also fitted with a neon light indicator to show when race temperature has been reached.

The heating sleeves have elements that run lengthways with the tyres rotation. The heating element layout is designed to leave smaller spaces between the coils, this ensures that the whole tyre is heated evenly and results in no pulse-tear or traction loss.

Power rating: Front 450w - Rear 625w.

NZ plug and 1.8m of cable.

Fully CE tested.

A quality product handmade in England.

BikeStore tyre warmers come with a full 12 month Warranty.

Now supplied with a heavy duty zip up carry and storage bag!