Splice Connector

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Splice Connector Splice Connector Splice Connector Splice Connector Splice Connector

Splice Connector

The 3-Way Splice Connector is a 3-wire connector that connects up to 3 stripped flexible conductors and locks them in with a clamping system. Splicing has never been easier. Lift the orange lever to open the Splice Connector and insert the wires. The lever clicks as it is lowered, actuating the clamping mechanism for superior connectivity and a safe, secure insulated connection. This push-wire connector makes for a quick and easy LED light installation.

The Splice connector clamps can be used again and again if you need to add or change wires.

This compact Splice Connector can connect up to 3 stripped fine-stranded wires with gauges from 28 to 12 AWG, both solid and stranded. The closed position of the lever reliably prevents accidental unclamping of a connected wire. The additional application safety, for any type of conductor (solid, stranded, flexible), is ensured, as this terminal block is UL Listed and ENEC Listed (which applies to the European Union).