Digital Gear Indicator - Auto Programming

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Digital Gear Indicator - Auto Programming

Digital Gear Indicator - Auto Programming

How many times do you find yourself trying to change up on the road just to find out that you are already in top gear, or trying to downshift only to find out you're already in first?

On a trackday or race meet how often would you like to know what gear you're in for certain corners on the track?

Just a couple of examples of when you need a digital gear indicator.


- Compatible with all motorbikes, four wheelers etc (will fit anything with a shift lever).

- Indicates current gear from 1 to a max of 8 as well as a neutral indicator.

- Auto programming

- Red illuminated display will automatically dim at night.

- Detects the current gear faster than other gear indicators that use speedo/Tacho signals.

- Display can be mounted anywhere.

-Installation instructions included.