Hayabusa Handlebar Raising Kit

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Hayabusa Handlebar Raising Kit

Hayabusa Handlebar Raising Kit

A very trick item.

These front raising/lowering kits are for all years Hayabusa.

Use these front handlebar risers to raise the handlebars of your Hayabusa for extra comfort while riding. Great way to relieve pressure off your wrists and sit in a more upright comfortable position.


Use these risers for more top-of-the-fork clearance in order to slide the forks up and lower the front end of your Busa while still using the stock top clamp. This saves big money over having to buy a new top clamp.

These kits include (4) 1 inch long billet aluminum CNC machined spacers , (4) bright zinc plated bolts and (4) lock nuts. Installation is a snap. Simply remove the stock bolts, lift the handlebar plate and reinstall with our spacers, new bolts and nuts.

All cables and connections reach with no problem. Levers and reservoirs clear the windscreen with no problem.

Keep in mind that if you use these to lower the bike, the sidestand will need to be shortened as well.