Traction Grip Pads

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Traction Grip Pads

Traction Grip Pads

These Universal Grip pads are made of an elastomer pliable material molded into shape with traction bumps that provide functional, non-abrasive grip.

They are clear so it don't cover up graphics and sponsor stickers.

The product is applied with the strongest 3-M peel-and-stick adhesive available.

To Install just peel and stick, much easier than sticking larger sheets.

Can be used on your tank, plastics or frame etc

What you get?

2 x Grip pads - Diameter: 100mm each

-Clear elastomer material

-Super strong peel-&-stick 3M adhesive

-Universal fitment to suit any bike.

Classic pyramid profile bumps provide increased traction so it will take less effort to hold and control your bike

Used by professional racers and amateurs alike because they know less effort holding on means more energy to fight for the win!

Universal fit for Race bikes, Sports bikes and off-road bikes. Whether your a Racer, Trackday addict or just like to ride your dirtbike these will reduce fatigue.

Used in all types of racing including MotoGP and World Superbikes!

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